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Upgrades Planned for APS Central Phoenix Line

APS will soon upgrade a critical underground transmission line in central Phoenix – the “backbone” of the metro Phoenix 230kV transmission system. This project supports reliability for customers by replacing a line that is reaching the end of its design life and expanding the capacity of the line to support customers’ growing energy needs.

There are three components to this phase of the project:

  1. Upgrades to the Country Club Substation, located at 608 E. Sheridan Street; 

  2. upgrades to the Lincoln Street South Substation, located at 305 W. Lincoln Street; and

  3. replacing and upgrading the underground 230kV cable (power line) between the two substations.

The project will be conducted in phases with this phase of the project focusing on the portion of the 230kV underground line that runs from the Lincoln Street South Substation to the Country Club Substation.

Phx Area Map.png




This phase of the project began construction in October 2023 and will be complete and serving customers in June 2024. This is the first phase of a multi-phased project, with future phases extending north and west.

Central Phoenix Line Upgrade MAP.jpg
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